The Cotuit Center for the Arts and Eventide Theatre Company will present the world premiere broadcast of “Teacher of the Year,” a new limited series play by Jim Dalglish. The show will be presented in 12 episodes, with two episodes airing each Friday night, from May 28 through July 2. The show will be broadcast on the two theaters’ YouTube channels.

It’s the spring of 2020 and the Minnehaha Montessori School of South Minneapolis has gone totally online. Annie—a finalist for Minnesota Teacher of the Year—should have no problem getting her 6th graders to the end of the school year.

Easy. Right?

Teacher of the Year tells the story of a woman, a family, a school, a community, a pandemic, and a murder in the city of Minneapolis during the tumultuous spring of 2020.

The play stars Miranda Jonté as Annie and features: Calvin M. Thompson, Bonnie Fairbanks, Darlene Van Alstyne, Nina Schuessler, Sara Sneed, Jess Wilson, Cathy Ode-Claire and Marcus Coffey.

Tickets for the series are $25 ($20 for CCftA and Eventide members). One ticket gains admission to the entire 12-episode series and all episodes are viewable at any time following the initial Friday night broadcast.

“We’re making this as easy and accessible as possible for our viewers,” said David Kuehn, executive director of Cotuit Center for the Arts. “It will work like a Netflix or Amazon Prime series. Once you have a ticket you may watch episodes as many times as you like simply by using the same link you will receive at the time of purchase. And for anyone wishing to watch after the series has begun, customers will have access to all episodes previously broadcast. We’ve wanted to collaborate with Eventide for years. Many of the Cape’s community actors, crew and audiences support both organizations. I knew the quality of Jim’s work would be outstanding and a virtual limited series would provide a platform for both theaters to help produce this timely production.”

Mr. Dalglish described the story as having originated with his relatives in Minneapolis. “During the bi-weekly Zoom sessions we held at the beginning of the pandemic, my cousin explained how her 6th-grade daughter was faring with online courses at the school she attended in South Minneapolis. The 6th graders were assigned to create online plays using common household objects as their characters. I thought the idea was hysterical and I started conceptualizing a play from this tiny detail. As the pandemic worsened and George Floyd was murdered a short distance from where my cousin’s family resides, the story deepened into something with greater resonance.”

Tickets are available through the Cotuit Center for the Arts’s website.

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