John Vandemoer, author of “Rigged Justice: How the College Admissions Scandal Ruined an Innocent Man’s Life” will give a virtual talk about his book on Tuesday, October 12, beginning at 7 PM. The talk is sponsored by Titcomb’s Bookshop.

The former Stanford University sailing coach sentenced in the Varsity Blues college admissions scandal, Mr. Vandemoer tells the riveting true story of how he was drawn unwittingly into a web of deceit in this eye-opening memoir that offers a damning portrait of modern college administration and the ways in which justice and fairness do not always intersect.

For 11 years, Mr. Vandemoer ran the prestigious Stanford University sailing program in which he coached Olympians and All-Americans until early one morning when Mr. Vandemoer, still in his pajamas, opened the door to find FBI and IRS agents on his doorstep. He quickly learned that a recruiter named Rick Singer had used him as a stooge in a sophisticated scheme designed to take advantage of college coaches and play to the endless appetite for university fundraising—and wealthy parents looking for an edge for their college-bound children.

Mr. Vandemoer was summarily fired, kicked out of campus housing and his children booted from campus daycare. Even though he was an innocent man who never received a dime he was the first person to be convicted in what became known as the Varsity Blues scandal.

“Rigged Justice” lays bare how a sophisticated scheme could take advantage of college coaches and university money—and how one family became collateral damage in a large government investigation that dominated national headlines.

The talk is free. Registration is online through Titcomb’s website where readers can also order a signed copy of Mr. Vandemoer’s book.

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