Cape Cod Veterans For Peace, Corporal Jeffrey M. Lucey Chapter 041 is administering the 26th annual Veterans for Peace, Voices of Peace Poetry Contest. Submissions from the Cape and islands, kindergarten through adults, can be emailed in PDF files to, using the subject line “VFP Poetry Contest.” Poems as hard copy can be mailed to VFP, PO Box 102, West Hyannisport, MA 02672. The deadline for submissions is Friday, May 14.

All winners will receive a certificate, a published book, and an invitation to upload a video clip of themselves reading their poem. In addition, first honors poets will receive a cash prize of $25 and second honors poets $15. Winners will be notified about the video submission after the judging takes place on May 15. The poetry book and videos from last year’s poetry contest are available to view on the Cape Cod Veterans For Peace website,

Contestants may submit only one poem, on one side of an 8½ x 11 vertical page, in free verse, rhyme or any form of poetry. Entries should be original, unpublished poems focusing on: thoughts of peace and the abolition of war, hate or violence; what I can do to help make a peaceful world for all; some of the ways war can be avoided; inner peace; how we become peaceful within ourselves; or examples of nonviolent attitudes and actions that lead to friendship, negotiation, social justice and peace.

Additional guidelines can be found on the website or contact Nina Tepper via email at using “VFP Poetry Contest” in the subject line for specific questions.

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