For anyone who is running out of stay-at-home activities to fill their Friday evenings, the Sandwich Arts Alliance Performing Arts Group is introducing the Friday Night Zoom Parlor, a series of Zoom gatherings scheduled for recurring Fridays at 7 PM. The series kicks off with the “Play Reading Group” on the second Friday of each month and “Music Around the World” on the third Friday of the month.

The Play Reading Group is a casual get-together on Zoom to read through a play and then discuss it with no preparation or experience needed. The first play on March 12 will be a “round-robin”-style reading of “Bad Auditions by Bad Actors” by Ian McWethy. Participants will speak in the same order for the play lines, so they will have the chance to read different characters at random. On April 9 there will be a reading of an original one-act play that connects to the theme of spring.

“Music Around the World” will kick off on Friday, March 19, with a tour of Schubert’s Vienna. The evening will explore some of Franz Schubert’s prolific work in conjunction with what was happening in Vienna at the time. Austrian recipes will be shared in advance for those interesting in pairing music and food.

On April 16 the theme will be modern-day Cuba. Hosts Greg Polanik and Corina Lukovici will take participants on a walk through the streets of Havana to look at the building, art and people of the city with a focus on the many styles of music played there. Similar to the March event, recipes for a few Cuban dishes and beverages will be provided before the tour.

Topics for future months are undecided as of yet. Email with suggestions. Links to the Friday evening events are available on the alliance’s website.

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