Submissions are now being accepted for Eventide Theatre Company’s 23rd annual New England Songwriting Competition. Submissions will be accepted through March 12.

Songwriting entries are reviewed and judged by the songwriting merits alone. Production quality is not taken into consideration. The hope is to recognize great songwriters, not great producers. A simple home or live recording of a song has the same chance of winning the songwriting contest as a professional recording has of winning. Many of the past winners have placed with simple vocal/guitar or vocal/piano recordings. Vocal ability is also not taken into consideration. Only the songwriting elements of the songs are considered when determining the winners.

Categories include folk/Americana, singer/songwriter, country, cabaret/standards, instrumental, blues, pop/rock, gospel/Christian, children’s music and songwriters ages 16 and younger. The cabaret/standards category is new this year.

Contest submissions do not become the property of the competition. The author retains all ownership.

Submissions are $25 for the first song and $10 for each additional song. There is no limit on the number of per-person submissions.

Once all of the material is judged, there will be one winning song representing each of the categories. During the second round of judging, those top songs then compete against each other to determine the first-, second-, third- and director’s choice-place winners. It will be these winners who will be awarded the cash and prizes of $500 for first place, $250 for second place and $100 for third place. Other cash prizes and gift certificates will also be awarded.

Judges for the event include Jess Phaneuf of MVY Radio, Jon Evans of The Studio at Brick Hill, singer/songwriter Sarah Swain and singer/songwriter Monica Rizzio.

Submission forms can be found on the Eventide Theater Company website.

Questions can be directed to Sue Martin at

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