HH blue angel

The digitally manipulated photograph, “Blue Angel,” by Lisa Jo Rudy of Falmouth is part of the Highfield Hall & Gardens “60/60: Over Sixty Pieces of Art by Women Over Sixty” exhibit on view through August 23. The pieces in the show can be seen on the Highfield website in an online gallery.

The juried exhibition “60/60: Over 60 Pieces of Art by Women Over 60” is currently viewable online at Highfield Hall & Gardens.

The summer exhibition, organized by “Art Because” collaborative members and Falmouth residents Anne Torry-Ballou, Kat Brennan, and Elizabeth Hathon, debuts at Highfield Hall in conjunction with the 100th anniversary of women’s right to vote and provides a chance to experience contemporary art by women of the Baby Boom generation.

Seeking to bring a generation together who share a common cultural inheritance, a call to artists last year invited women to reflect on their lives and their art, then submit current work for juried review. Massive social upheavals define the 20th century. The year 1920 heralded the first wave of feminist momentum when women cast their first votes and went on to work in industry and manufacturing during the Second World War. After the war women were forced out of skilled, industrial paid employment altogether. A reversal of their status in society imposed the home as their place—at home, unpaid. By the mid-1960s, a second wave of feminism emerged, fueled by greater social change affecting an entire country.

Now in 2020 we are experiencing a pandemic, causing isolation preceded only recently by tumultuous political and social divisiveness resulting in feminism’s Third Wave for a new generation. Art from 90 women from New England will be on view revealing a vast range of expression, style, subject matter, and media.

Upon opening, Highfield Hall will follow safety protocols by restricting the number of people in the gallery at one time. The exhibit will be on display through Sunday, August 23.

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