Synchro Skating

The sport of synchronized figure skating is the subject of “Life in Synchro” a documentary film being shown as a watch party followed by a question and answer period by area film festivals this Saturday including the Woods Hole Film Festival and the Martha’s Vineyard Film Center.

The Woods Hole Film Festival and the Martha’s Vineyard Film Center Saturday, May 23, will partner with 33 other film festival organizations from around the country to offer a screening of the documentary “Life in Synchro,” a film celebrating the sport of synchronized ice skating. The screening will be following by a cast and crew question and answer livestream at 8 PM.

“The toughest sport you’ve never heard of” reads the tagline for “Life in Synchro,” which follows synchronized ice skating teams from around the country, the athletes, and their coaches as they strive to have their sport recognized.

Synchronized skating has been empowering generations of women since 1956 when it was founded by a father who saw the need for team sports for girls. Today, despite skaters lifting, leaping, and spinning together, the sport is still somehow overlooked by mainstream media.

The film journeys alongside women from around the country as they push their teams and themselves beyond the routine and up towards greatness, chasing Olympic dreams not just for themselves, but for their beloved sport.

Ticketholders can watch the film at home anytime starting at 6 PM through the weekend. A question and answer will be held at 7 PM tomorrow, May 23, featuring director Angela Panaglia and Emily Fitzgerald, former competitive skater on the Dearborn Crystallettes; Heidi Coffin, a 68-year-old adult skater on the Maine DownEasters; and Peggy MacDonald, who skated on the first-ever synchro team in 1956. Susan Sullivan, founder and director of the Women’s Sports Film Festival, will moderate the discussion.

The film’s running time is just under an hour. It was released earlier this year.

Tickets are $10 and are available at as well as at the Woods Hole Film Festival and the Martha’s Vineyard Film Festival websites.

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