The West Falmouth Library will take a virtual trip to exotic locations in the second of a three-part nature travel series presented by Joy Marzolf of Joys of Nature on Wednesday, February 24. “Dubai to the Maldives: Travels from Desert to Paradise” is scheduled for 7 PM. This Zoom program is free and geared toward adults. Preregister by emailing or by calling the West Falmouth Library at 508-548-4709.

The Maldives is made up of a series of low-lying coral atolls in the Indian Ocean, just south of Sri Lanka and India. A lush tropical paradise, it is also known for its marine life. Large schools of manta rays, sometimes up to 200 or more in number, are also found near these islands. The talk will include images of wildlife throughout the Maldives as well as the desert of Dubai.

Part three in the series is planned for March 24 at 7 PM, when Ms. Marzolk will present “New Zealand: Penguins, Parrots & Pods.”

New Zealand is home to many rare birds and marine mammals, including the comical yellow-eyed penguin, rare New Zealand sea lions and Hector’s dolphins.

Joy Marzolf began working with reptiles when she attended Carleton College in Minnesota. She went on to work with animals, including sea otters and polar bears, at the Oregon Zoo as well as for a company that does educational live reptile programs for schools and state fairs from Arizona to Alaska.

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