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Members of The Quins include (from left): Donny Hayes, Robbie Sturtevant, Quincy Medaglia and Dave Petti. The group will perform tomorrowat Grumpy’s Pub in Falmouth.

The sound of two guitars trading bluesy rock riffs and solos backed up by a booming rhythm section may not be something you hear on modern pop radio, but for the up-and-coming South Shore band The Quins, it’s the only way. “Sometimes it feels like a dead format,” singer/guitarist Quincy Medaglia said, “but we really believe in this music and the people who are on board with us are all the way on board.” The group is bringing its rock revival to Grumpy’s Pub in Falmouth on Saturday.

Growing up in Scituate, Quincy’s dad didn’t just have a record collection—he had a personal music museum. “He had this giant walk-in closet dedicated to his entire collection, which included vinyls, reel-to-reels, and cassette tapes,” Quincy said. “He had everything, I mean, everything. He listened to anything that caught his ear, new stuff, old stuff. He didn’t discriminate any style or genre. He would listen on these big fat headphones or speakers with one of these receivers from the ‘70s with the tubes. I remember bringing him heavier music that I was into in middle school like System of a Down and he would say, ‘I can see why you like this.’ It was never, ‘What’s this crap?!’ He was always open, especially with music.”

Quincy said this music appreciation helped him develop an ear for music himself. “By the time I started playing guitar in high school I had already been filled with so much music and had all these ideas in my head I could call back on, a lot of which I didn’t even know where they came from,” he said.

In high school Quincy played in a bunch of bands and began writing original songs. The Quins formed as a studio project when a friend of his had access to a Boston University recording studio. “I had a million songs in my back pocket ready to go,” Quincy recalled.

After a couple false starts the lineup was solidified, with Robbie Sturdevant sharing guitar and vocal duties, Dave Petti playing drums and Quincy’s cousin, Donny Hayes, on bass. They started playing shows all over the South Shore.

They’ve attracted a following and played some big stages, like the Levitate Music Festival and Boston Freedom Rally, but Quincy said it’s the intimate shows that built the band. They have a Wednesday night residency that he said has been a great boot camp for the band. “We can set up and play for three hours with our eyes closed at this point,” he said with a laugh, “and the crowd that shows up has new people every week. That’s really encouraging. By the end of the night, nine times out of 10 it’s completely packed and we do an epic half-hour set to close it out. It’s so encouraging, it gives us hope for what we can do. It also serves as our practice time, which we don’t really have time to do. Donny and I both have kids and Dave works full time, so most nights we are all free we are playing a gig.”

The band is prepping the release of its third studio album, slated for October, and recently released a music video for its song “Bright and New,” a hilarious Boston dive bar adventure. He said being a working band has challenges—like organization and finance—but it’s all worthwhile.

“I don’t think we will be playing stadium shows like the Foo Fighters, not that we would complain if we did, but really our goal is to show people what we can do and share our music. We want to make albums you can sit down and listen to from start to finish. And we want to be able to sustain ourselves as a band and as a business doing that,” Quincy said.

Hear The Quins bring a night of rock & roll to Grumpy’s Pub on Saturday starting at 9 PM. Cover charge is $5. More information about the band can be found at

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