Falmouth Theatre Guild historian Peter D. Cook is seeking photos from recent and past seasons for the guild’s online archives. Candid photos from backstage, from rehearsals, in the dressing rooms, of stage crews and more are all being sought for inclusion in the guild’s online archives.

The archives start with a clipping from a front-page story in the Falmouth Enterprise back in November 1957, announcing the first meeting of the “new community theatre group.” It continues with albums in Flicker for each of the guild’s many performances, from “Goodbye, My Fancy” in February 1958 to 2019’s “9 to 5: The Musical.” Each file contains images of the show’s playbill, newspaper previews and reviews, cast photos and the occasional candid photos taken backstage or during a rehearsal. The files also contain memorabilia from other special events, such as the guild’s 60th Anniversary Gala, held at the Coonamessett Inn in 2018.

“With everyone at home, including myself, I have been taking the opportunity to add to the archives with photos,” said Mr. Cook. “As Falmouth Theatre Guild historian it’s my job to document and collect all of the history that is created every season by wonderful casts and crews on the Kitty Baker stage at the Highfield Theater. Recently I’ve been asking cast and crews from past shows to send me digital photos (and scans of old printed photos) to my email address to I can add them to the online collection.”

The archives can be viewed by the general public from the Guild’s website under the header “Photo Gallery.”

Anyone who has photos they are interested in adding to the Guild’s achieves can contact Mr. Cook at pcook123@gmail.com. Digital photos can be e-mailed directly to Mr. Cook, physical photos can be digitally photographed or scanned and then e-mailed, or contact Mr. Cook for assistance.

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