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Works by Brewster photographer Steven Koppel have been set to music in digital slideshows for a virtual exhibit at the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History.

Naturescape Gallery at the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History is presenting a virtual photographic experience of Cape Cod via four stunning videos by Steven Koppel including “National Seashore Mornings,” “Beauty on the Flats,” “Living Water” and “Cape Moons.” Access to the Naturescape Virtual Gallery is through the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History’s website.

Mr. Koppel spent 20 years as a business consultant with Accenture, leaving in 2002 to volunteer with nonprofit organizations to help maximize social impact. He took up photography as a hobby in 2012, and his own imagery became unexpectedly therapeutic when his family experienced difficult medical challenges. This realization led Mr. Koppel to form the Expressive Digital Imagery Institute as a charitable organization. The institute promotes healing, connection, and self-expression through digital imagery. To date, more than 10,000 people have created more than 30,000 Expressive Digital Imagery images in settings including Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, McLean Hospital, Yale New Haven Health and Gosnold on Cape Cod.

Mr. Koppel’s own imagery seeks to convey the deep connection he has with Cape Cod, a place he and his family have cherished for more than 30 years. A Brewster resident, Mr. Koppel is represented locally by the FOCUS Gallery in Chatham and donates all proceeds from the sale of his work to the Expressive Digital Imagery Institute and to the Association to Preserve Cape Cod. Mr. Koppel’s first book, “The Brewster Flats,” is a collection of emotive images chronicling the extraordinary visual spectacles that occur in this ever-changing landscape. His new book, “The Cape Cod National Seashore,” was released this month.

Mr. Koppel is a frequent speaker at conferences and camera clubs and conducts retreats on Cape Cod focused on imagery as a form of self-expression with an emphasis on the overall photographic experience. Mr. Koppel’s imagery can be viewed at

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