Oils and watercolors are the medium for East Falmouth artist Wendy Vogel, as she translates the beauty of New England into colorful works of art.

“Reflections on Beauty: Works by Wendy Vogel” is in the Sigel Gallery of the Falmouth Art Center until November 30.

As she has reflected on what it means to be an artist, Ms. Vogel said she realized how much the search for beauty enriches her life. “I hope that by sharing my art I am enriching the lives of others,” she said, adding, “my goal is to become an artist with a meaningful body of work that reflects a positive point of view and makes people smile.”

Much of Ms. Vogel’s work is centered on local waterways and maritime themes. “I find everything about the marine environment beautiful,” she said, “so it is no surprise that it is the subject of so much of my work. I love the oceans, harbors, rivers, boats—especially the boats—beaches and marshes that surround me, so living and painting on Cape Cod is a dream come true.”

She said she hopes her paintings bring viewers joy. “Perhaps my paintings will bring back memories of a wonderful day at the shore with family and friends. Or they’ll cause you to reflect on the beauty of being on the water—and feel again the wind and sun on your face and see the beauty of reflections dancing on the water,” she said.

Ms. Vogel also has a number of still lifes in the exhibit. “When New England weather keeps me inside, I turn to still life painting. I find it meditative to contemplate how light reflects on beautiful objects chosen for their timeless nature or personal meaning.”

For many artists, their work represents a legacy that they will leave for future generations. “It gives me great satisfaction to create something new and something that will be here long after I am not,” Ms. Vogel said. “Perhaps my great-great-grandchildren will look at something I painted and, though we’ve never met, feel like they know me, at least a little bit.”

The Falmouth Art Center, at 137 Gifford Street in Falmouth, is free and open to the public Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 4 PM; Saturday 10 AM to 2 PM; and Sunday 1 to 4 PM.

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