WHPL Pottery Raffle

A large platter by Woods Hole potter Tessa Morgan is part of this year’s pottery raffle at the Woods Hole Library. Tickets for the raffle, which also includes works by Ann Newbury, Anne Halpin and Sarah Caruso, are on sale at the library through December 11.

The Woods Hole Public Library is again running a raffle of local pottery. The raffle will run through December 11. Tickets cost $2 each or $5 for three tickets, and are available at the library.

All the pieces have been donated. Featured potters are Ann Newbury, Tessa Morgan, Anne Halpin and, new this year, Sarah Caruso.

Ms. Morgan, whose business is called Flying Pig Pottery, specializes in sgraffito, in which she creates an image by carving away the surrounding surface, leaving it unglazed. This year her piece is a large platter with whales swimming around a sea-green center.

Ann Newbury’s work is strong, traditional, functional pieces. This year she has donated two large pieces to the raffle: one is her signature “batter bowl” with attached handle to make it easy to stir while the bowl is perched on the baker’s hip. Her second piece is a large serving bowl in shades of brown.

Anne Halpin of Quissett Studio Pottery creates pieces that are also traditional, but with a more delicate touch. She specializes in glazes of muted blues and greens. This year she has donated a plate and bowl pair, in shades of blue.

Sarah Caruso also specializes in sgraffito, often in brilliant colors. Her first-time offering in the raffle is a cup and bowl with whimsical figures glazed in shiny obsidian.

In addition to at the library, tickets will be on sale at Woods Hole’s Renaissance Fair Saturday, December 7. The drawing will be held Wednesday, December 11.

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