WH Science Stroll Is August 10

Research vessel tours are just one of many activities planned in Woods Hole for the village’s upcoming science stroll.

Families, children and curious adults can enjoy the Woods Hole Science Stroll Saturday from 10 AM to 3 PM. The event is free and takes place up and down Water Street in Woods Hole.

The 72-foot research vessel Gloria Michelle will be open for tours at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Fisheries dock. A US Coast Guard 29-foot response boat will also be open for tours, with other Coast Guard displays and exhibits nearby.

Climate change, marine debris and ocean exploration will be featured in exhibits at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution dock. Ocean robots will also be on display, along with exhibits on research in the Ocean Twilight Zone and how scientists measure earthquakes underwater. 

Zephyr Marine Center on Water Street will show an underwater video taken locally along underwater instruments used in research and the augmented topographic modeling system.

The Marine Biological Laboratory will offer living animal exhibits under tents at 127 Water Street, and fish printing for kids at the MBL Club.

Waterfront Park will be the site for interactive and informational displays from a number of local organizations, including Woods Hole Science and Technology Education Partnership, Falmouth Water Stewards, Skip the Straw, 500 Women Scientists and more. 

The Sea Education Association will offer displays and activities on marine and nautical science featuring cool critters, rock from a newly formed volcanic island, plastic marine debris and knot tying. Maps and satellite imagery used by scientists to understand climate change will be featured at the Woods Hole Research Center exhibit. The US Geological Survey will conduct a drone demonstration and offer other displays.

Among the many exhibits offered at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Fisheries Lab will be those on whales and sea turtle research, fish biology, water chemistry and plankton. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Woods Hole Science Aquarium, featuring 100 species of marine animals and a touch tank, will be open for this event

Limited off-street parking is available in Woods Hole. Visitors are encouraged to ride their bikes or take the WHOOSH trolley from Falmouth to Woods Hole village. A map showing locations and more information can be found at woodsholesciencestroll.org.

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