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The up-and-coming young band Knee Windows will perform an all-ages concert at the Woods Hole Community Hall on Monday. Clockwise from bottom left are band members Dario Palanza, Ruby Sanger, Quinn Capraro and Alex Fratantoni.

The heart of rock & roll will always be rooted in teenagers playing music loud in garages, basements and any other place they can. Pretty much all musicians got started hanging out with their friends learning their favorite songs and going to concerts together, soaking up the endless possibilities for a young band. Falmouth’s own Knee Windows is carrying on that tradition with an all-ages concert at the Woods Hole Community Hall on Monday, August 19, at 7 PM, with special guests Pluto Verto.

The band is composed of singer/guitarist Alex Fratantoni, 17; bassist Quinn Capraro, 19; guitarist Ruby Sanger, 18; and drummer Dario Palanza, 16. They are all from the Falmouth/Woods Hole area with the exception of Quinn, who hails from Duxbury.

The band was started by Alex and Ruby in fall 2018. Dario lived down the street from Alex, but the two had never spent any time together. “I saw his Instagram profile picture and he was playing drums,” Ruby said of the way they connected. “We were actually all on the same bus, too.” Quinn joined the band after a change in its original lineup. They started learning to play songs by some of their favorite rock bands, like Modern Baseball and Mom Jeans, while writing original material.

The band’s first public performance was at a Sturgis High School open mic. Their debut was pretty tame. “It was like 15 people sitting in a half-circle of chairs,” Alex recalled, “and just the regular ceiling lights on the whole time.” Their next performance was a Falmouth High open mic. This time there were more audience members, and Ruby’s older brother, Rafe, provided some basic stage lighting. It made a big difference, and the band was encouraged. Over the winter the band played two concerts, one in Alex’s basement and one in Dario’s. The intimate shows were filled with their friends, family and classmates. The crowds’ enthusiasm was infectious. Buoyed by the success of the two basement shows, they went to work on booking summer shows. They played one at the Amvets hall and a few at Pie in the Sky. The Community Hall show will be their summer sendoff.

Booking a young band isn’t without its challenges, though. “We have to lay out all of our options and accept everything as a possibility,” Ruby explained, “because our possibilities are limited.” Alex stressed how important it is to communicate in a professional manner with potential venues. “When I called the guy at Amvets, he asked how old I was and when I told him, he was a little hesitant, but by the end of the conversation he was willing to give us a shot.”

“You have to use a lot of ‘Please, sir, and thank you,’” Quinn added with a laugh.

They take inspiration from up-and-coming bands like Prince Daddy and the Hyena, who they recently all saw in concert together at The Sinclair in Cambridge. “It was my first show, so I got in the mosh pit and stage-dived,” Dario said.

“We went hard,” Alex added.

“One great thing about shows at clubs like The Sinclair or The Met,” Ruby said, “is that you get to see the opening bands, who are on a level up from what we are doing but not that different. It’s cool to see that you can do it.”

This fall Quinn will be heading to college at Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts. Ruby will be attending University of Massachusetts Dartmouth.

Alex and Dario plan to start writing and recording more original music that the band can get together and play when they are all home. “Everyone will only be a few hours away,” Quinn explained, “so we can still play shows on the weekends.”

They have a single called “Mexican Space Cowboy Embassy” that they hope to release in time for their show. Knee Windows’ goal for the summer sendoff is simple: “We want people to have fun because we know we will,” Alex said. “Also, we want at least one person to sing our songs back to us.”

Monday, August 19,Knee Windows will be performing an all-ages concert with special guests Pluto Verto. Doors open at 7 PM. Tickets are $10.

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