sunken boat

A 38-foot cabin cruiser sits partially submerged in Waquoit Bay.

Salvage operations are underway to refloat a boat that was reported as sunk on Friday, November 1.

Mashpee Harbormaster Jeff Smith said the 38-foot cabin cruiser is partially submerged in Waquoit Bay, off Seconsett Island, and friends of the current owner have been trying to refloat it. The boat was recently sold.

The harbormaster said there is always an environmental concern when a boat sinks but the boat’s vents are above the waterline and the people trying to refloat it found there was little gas left onboard.

Mr. Smith said after the boat was reported sunk in the bay, he called the Coast Guard to notify them and went out to see if any fuel was leaking. He found there was no sheen from fuel on the water, and indications that none was leaking.

“It is in shallow water,” he said. “That’s as far down as it can go. That’s why it looks rather weird.”

He said he has been receiving calls about the boat because it is odd to see one partially submerged so far out in the bay.

“The plans right now are to maintain contact with the guy doing the salvaging,” he said.

The boat is in a well-protected area. The man performing the salvage operation had it slightly off the bottom of the bay floor a few days after it sank.

“They’re hoping in the next couple of days [that] they can refloat it and assess any damage,” he said.

When the tide goes out, it is easier to pump water out of a boat.

The reason the boat sank is unknown, he said.

Mr. Smith said he could not release the name of the prior owner, who is from Mashpee, or the current owner, who is from Falmouth.

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