It was a beautiful day for Quissett Yacht Clubs’ 3rd Saturday H Class race.

The wind was relatively consistent throughout the race at 10-12 knots. The course was set as JH with J laying off Penzance Point as the windward mark. As the starting horn sounded Moxie helmed by Tom Tullius was over early. They came back and the flag came down after they had cleared the line.

It was a little bit of a slog to get to J with the fleet split between heading out as opposed to the other half hugging the shore.

Tom First, skippering Olivia, was first around and having a crew member, Langley Steinert, up went his spinnaker. This was the first time this season his spinnaker has been out of the bucket. He could not be caught.

There was a downwind spinnaker battle and Chuck First in Allie Rose was able to pull into third. Penguin ended up having to do circles after connecting with Phoenix. Steve Chalmers was the only single-handed racer this day and did a great job. A good time was had by all and the race committee, made up of Sarah Meigs, Mike Garfield Sr., Alden Burt and Wendy Martyna were able to make sure everyone got home in time to prepare for the evenings’ Quissett Yacht Club Ball.

Race Results

1. Olivia, Tom First, Langley Steinert 1:02:50

2. Found It, Mort Saunders, Kirsten Karplus 1:03:37

3. Allie Rose, Chuck First, Bernie Levesque 1:04:21

4. Phoenix, Mike & Ben Garfield 1:05:15

5. Penguin, Betsy Evans Hunt, Halley Allen 1:05:21

6. Sea Breeze, Steve Chalmers 1:07:57

7. Moxie, Tom & Tom Tullius, Tom Andrianni 1:08:34

8. Bubbles, Sheila & Ian Gordon 1:09:50

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