Business Sponsor Of The Month: Welcome to our newest Beacon of Support, Nickerson-Bourne Funeral Home. Located at 40 MacArthur Boulevard, Bourne (508-759-3511), the facility has helped folks approach the business of funerals with dignity and attention to detail. We are pleased that they decided to advertise with us for the month of May.

What’s New: Only one more weekend until the big day at the library—Monday, May 6, we welcome The 2019 Boston Red Sox World Series Trophy. Making a day of it on Monday, we will have Mike Shalin, a Boston sportswriter with us for lunch—bring a sandwich and get the scoop about all the Red Sox history as Mike talks about his book, “The Home Town Team: Four Decades of Boston Red Sox Photography.” Noon is the starting time for the whole program; between 2 and 4 PM is the actual trophy showing. Please be patient; we are expecting a crowd, but it will be well-worth the time spent in line to see the trophy and take pictures of this piece of New England history.

Children’s Corner: The children’s staff may not be sportswriters, but they are definitely winners when it comes to providing programs for Bourne children. “Let’s Look Closely,” the next Science Saturday is sure to bring a different perspective to their world with microscopes, mirrors and magnifying glasses tomorrow, at 10 AM Getting perspective on one’s own body is the aim of the next program: “Parent/Child Yoga” at The Clearing. This program is offered in collaboration with the Yoga studio and will be held there. Signup is at

Within The Web: We accidentally had a clearing this week of two of our most popular digital services, Quello and Acorn TV. Our apologies! They are back on our website again and for anyone who hasn’t tried either one, we strongly encourage you to tune in.

Friends of the Library: The Friends are tuned into new programs this month—particularly the Red Sox! As mentioned in our “What New,” the Friends are responsible for bringing the World Series trophy to Bourne! Thank-you, Heather DiPaola, our new FOL president for this fun and much anticipated showing.

Stats To Go: Odd things sometimes show up on my computer—this time, an article from our database providers (Innovative services) had somehow gotten into the “junk” folder. While I was transferring it to the “read later” folder, I noticed a word I didn’t recognize—“petabyte.” Looking it up, I found that it is the term for data storage equal to 1 million gigabytes. Thanks to “” for the answer, which also included a chart showing the number of zeros after the “bytes”—petabyte has 15!

Off The Shelves: My reading this week may not be 15 titles, as I spent a day and a half under the weather with that dreadful stomach virus and wasn’t even well enough to read! However, I have found that listening is also a wonderful way to interact with literature and wondered how folks who are sight-impaired can get their news. When I was slightly better, I tried to catch up on e-mail and, as I have said before, The Universe tuned in and I had a note from Mr. Eric Joseph of The Audible Local Ledger asking me if I could put in a plug for “readers.” Rather than try to reinvent the wheel, I am including his plea as he sent it. Please feel free to volunteer, check in about the Audible Local Ledger or even ask how else you can help.

I’m sure Eric welcomes any help and this would certainly give patrons a way to ~Keep Reading!

“The greatest challenges faced by people with visual impairments are literacy issues, maintaining independence, unemployment (70 percent) and paralyzing isolation. The Audible Local Ledger works to level the playing field for people with visual disabilities by providing the type of basic information that ties the fabric of lives together: job listings, health minutes, newspaper columns, supermarket circulars, obituaries, voting guides, and community updates. Our goal is to provide this timely information so that those that are visually impaired can lead productive, inclusive lives. The Ledger is seeking volunteers to read print publications, poetry, short stories and town events any one day, Monday-Thursday, for 60-90 minutes between the hours of 9 AM and 1 PM. The readings are broadcast via special radio receiver to the blind and visually impaired as part of the Massachusetts Reading Network. The Audible Local Ledger exclusively represents the Cape Cod, Islands and South Coast regions for the network. This region has over 7,000 blind residents, and many more with vision impairment. Connecting these individuals with print news and infotainment is our mission. Please come join the cause and help your print-compromised neighbors.

You can reach us at 508-539-2030 or by e-mail at”

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