The Upper Cape Cod Regional Technical High School Class of 2020 held its graduation ceremony on August 2 at the high school. Graduating students from Bourne include:

Faith Ball-Roemer, environmental technology

Jonathan Bankston, electrical 

Jeremy Cafua, information technology 

Peter Cardoso, health technology 

Cara Cox, environmental technology 

Peter Curran, environmental technology 

Kyle DiBona, health technology 

Shawn DiCarlo, electrical 

Shannon Doyle, health technology 

Sydney Draper, health technology 

Derek Duggan, environmental technology 

Kennedy Eckstrom, information technology 

Aurora Emerson, cosmetology 

Isaac Fay, marine technology 

Cassandra Fleck, health technology

Jo-Anne Goodman, marine technology 

Casey Hallahan, electrical 

William Hanly, horticulture

Zoe Janicki, health technology

Allison Kaipainen, health technology

Amanda Kaipainen, culinary arts

Charlee King, culinary arts

Nidhi Kumar, health technology

Madilynn Lema, cosmetology

Sean Mallard, environmental technology

Damian McDonald, carpentry

Robert Palumbo, information technology

Michael Pavilonis, carpentry

Cameron Quinn, marine technology

Taylor Richards, health technology

Benjamin Rowe, marine technology

Jasmine Simons, culinary arts

Mckenzie Sooy, auto collision repair

Brigid Unwin, cosmetology

Danielle Woodard, engineering

Jared Woodward, automotive technology

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