Cape Cod 5 announced it will offer Credit for Life Fairs to local high school juniors and seniors this spring via a new digital platform. Developed in collaboration with eight other Massachusetts banks, the website is intended to serve as a safe and innovative alternative to the traditional in-person fairs as well as a modernization of the event going forward.

Credit for Life is a nationally recognized financial literacy program where high school students assume the role of a 25-year-old adult and are given the opportunity to make personal financial decisions. The bank partners with area schools to share financial know-how tips and offer guidance to students on the impact of those decisions on their overall budget and financial well-being.

Since the first fair was offered by Cape Cod 5 in 2011, more than 14,500 students across the Cape, islands and Southeastern Massachusetts have taken part in the Credit for Life program.

April is Financial Literacy Month and Cape Cod 5 is committed to providing tools, advice and resources to help all people build smarter financial habits, wherever they are on their financial journey, particularly during these times. Through this partnership, the bank was able to ensure that this year’s class had access to the same opportunities and resources offered in schools prior to the pandemic.

The website has been tested by a group of educators, students and volunteers and will be introduced to high school classrooms later this month. The group is also in the process of establishing a 501(c)(3) that will allow it to raise funds and plan for future school financial literacy initiatives to augment the Credit for Life Fairs with financial literacy modules, tools and content.

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