After announcing initial delays, Comcast has announced that it will not be implementing either its controversial broadband data usage cap or proposed rate hikes until 2022.

State Senator Susan L. Moran was one of the signatories on a letter urging Comcast to delay or terminate their proposals to move costs onto consumers, as well as co-sponsoring bill HD. 663, which would have totally banned rate hikes or data caps from service providers during COVID-19.

“I applaud Comcast’s decision to commit to a concrete delay period, as implementing these programs during this time period and forcing the legislature to act to protect our residents would have resulted in an undesirable outcome for all parties. I thank Comcast for their compliance, and I thank Representatives Vargas, Rogers and Senator Chandler for their incredible work leading the effort against the implementation of these burdensome corporate policies,” Sen. Moran said.

In the letter, the group of legislators urged Comcast to “discontinue this plan and to reconsider any future attempts at imposing a data cap or any perversion of the principles of net neutrality in Massachusetts.” The letter shared the commitment of the legislators to “ensuring that internet service providers treat their customers fairly” and acknowledged the importance of a “free and open internet.”

HD. 663, if passed, would have temporarily prevented internet service providers from increasing the cost of their broadband internet access services, levying any new fees or charges, imposing new data capes or shutting off broadband internet access or other services if nonpayment is caused by COVID-related financial hardships. After receiving the letter of request and the introduction of bill HD. 663, Comcast announced a temporary delay, finally committing to full delays of any implementation of either the data usage cap or proposed rate hike until 2022 as of today.

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