Communities near Joint Base Cape Cod can expect to hear explosions during planned detonations of munitions items discovered during ongoing investigation and cleanup activities. Controlled detonations of a number of large munitions items is planned for December 16-18, weather permitting.

The Army National Guard's Impact Area Groundwater Study Program is conducting environmental investigations and cleanup of military munitions items on the base. As part of ongoing cleanup efforts, the program uncovers unexploded military munitions that are unsafe to move and are required to be destroyed in place. The required detonations will occur beginning Monday, December 16, through Wednesday, December 18.

The detonations will be performed in the northern interior area of the base, approximately 2 miles from the boundary with Bourne and 1.7 miles from the boundary with Sandwich.

The detonations are well within all appropriate safety buffers, and there is no risk to the general public. However, the detonations will likely be heard in the community near JBCC since the munitions items being destroyed are larger than the munitions the program has routinely destroyed by controlled detonation in the past. Safety measures are being used to contain the detonations and minimize the noise. Residents and personnel on JBCC and neighborhoods close to the JBCC boundary may hear a brief, loud noise similar in intensity to a loud thunder clap when the detonation takes place.

Local police departments, fire departments and town officials have been informed of these activities, which have been coordinated with the Environmental Protection Agency and the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection.

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