Drug trafficking charges have been brought against a woman who was found asleep inside a car contaminated with fentanyl. The incident in Bournedale earlier this week resulted in a hazardous materials incident being declared, and the Bourne police and fire departments warning people to stay away from the area.

Bourne Police Lieutenant Jonathan R. MacDougall said that Alisha M. Jackson, 31, from Yarmouthport, has been charged with trafficking fentanyl, operating a motor vehicle under the influence of drugs, negligent operation of a motor vehicle and possession of a Class B drug.

The incident happened on Monday, June 24. Police were called to the corner of Glacier Way and Bournedale Road at 10:30 AM to check on someone inside a gray 2015 Nissan Sentra parked at the intersection. When officers arrived, they spotted a white powdery substance inside the vehicle, Lt. MacDougall said.

“It was believed to be fentanyl,” he said.

Firefighters arrived on the scene shortly after. Bourne Deputy Fire Chief Joseph J. Carrara Jr. said that Ms. Jackson was conscious the entire time firefighters interacted with her. He confirmed that firefighters were concerned about the substance because of its powdery nature.

Ms. Jackson was removed from the car, and the car sealed off, he said. Firefighters posted a warning at the fire department Facebook page telling residents to stay away from the area.

“Tier 1 hazmat declared avoid area,” the post read.

A hazardous materials truck was called in from Yarmouth. HazMat tech firefighters from Bourne, Wareham, Taunton, Yarmouth, New Bedford, Freetown and Plymouth went to the scene, Deputy Chief Carrara said, adding that the team arrived and took samples of the substance inside the car.

Deputy Chief Carrra said Ms. Jackson was hosed down completely while wearing her clothes. She then changed out of her clothes and into a hospital “Johnny” inside a makeshift shower built from a tarp, a street sign, and the side of a fire truck, he said.

She was then transported by ambulance to Tobey Hospital, he said. Her clothing was sprayed with a decontamination solution, bagged, and placed back inside the woman’s vehicle. The interior of the car was also sprayed with a neutralizing agent, Deputy Chief Carrara said.

Lt. MacDougall said that a search was conducted of Ms. Jackson’s car. Inside was found a number of plastic baggies containing a mix of fentanyl and heroin. The bags weighed a total of approximately 37 grams, he said.

“The amount it was justifies the charge of trafficking. With 10 grams or more, you can be charged with trafficking,” he said.

Police also found an unmarked prescription bottle containing six Suboxone pills and pieces of Suboxone strips. Ms. Jackson did not have a prescription for the medication, Lt. MacDougall said.

Later that day, Ms. Jackson went to the Bourne Police Department to retrieve her personal property. The lieutenant said she was arrested upon her arrival.

Bail was set at $250 and her bail was paid later that evening, he said.

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