Owls Head Seal

A mural of “Owl” the harbor seal at the National Marine Life Center

Those who have been around and about in Buzzards Bay recently might have noticed two additions to the front of the National Marine Life Center building.

Artist and longtime NMLC volunteer Sarah Donner created the renditions of two memorable NMLC patients, Owl and Sequoia.

Owls Head, known as Owl, was a premature harbor seal pup admitted to NMLC. He was was treated for multiple physical issues. However, after five months in rehabilitation, Owl lost his life to a unique disease that had not been identified in a harbor seal before. Read more about Owl at https://nmlc.org/remembering-owls-head/).

Sequoia, a loggerhead sea turtle, was admitted to NMLC for rehabilitation in December 2019, after stranding due to severe hypothermia. With a body weight of 82 pounds, a team of multiple people was needed to handle Sequoia safely for his regular medical treatments and physical exams. A finicky eater, Sequoia needed special attention and care to ensure that he received the food and nutrients he urgently needed.

Throughout his time in rehabilitation, Sequoia won the hearts of all staff and volunteers, and was chosen by the entire NMLC community for the 2019 Patient of the Year Award.

“These murals are beautiful works of art and wonderful representations of the important work we do here at the NMLC,” executive director Connie Merigo said.

The cost of the two murals was covered by two donors, Roberta Morris, chairwoman of the NMLC board of trustees; and KCD Software of Cataumet.

Ms. Morris said she made the donation because she “felt the mural would be a great way to recognize all the dedication of the staff and volunteers to help rehabilitate these amazing seals and sea turtles. Without our staff and volunteers, we’d have even fewer in the world and I personally wanted to show my appreciation.”

The murals were printed onto metal plates, then mounted to the building wall and framed.

The mural project is part of a beautification effort to enhance the exterior of NMLC’s building, which used to be a Grossman’s discount store.

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