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While the ASICS Falmouth Road Race awaits COVID-19 guidance from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the Town of Falmouth on hosting an in-person this summer, registration will open Saturday, May 1, for the at-home edition—with the possibility of running the in-person race on Sunday, August 15.

During the at-home edition registration process, an option will be offered to run the in-person event. Choosing that option will place at-home registrants in a random selection drawing to run the in-person Falmouth Road Race.

This will be the only opportunity to be considered for the in-person race. Those not selected, based on the total field size allowed, will still be registered for the at-home edition, to be run any time from August 7 to 14.

Registration will remain open until 10,000 sign up for the at-home edition, regardless of the number who choose the in-person option.

“Our virtual at-home edition was a big success last year and was really a summerlong event with giveaways, contests, and an ever-changing virtual gift bag,” said Jennifer Edwards, executive director of Falmouth Road Race, Inc. “If we’re allowed to have an in-person race of some kind, those not chosen in the random selection process to run the live event on August 15 will still get all the perks of the at-home version.”

On the registration form, Falmouth residents and taxpayers—who typically are guaranteed entry to the in-person event—will be able to declare that status. Depending on the field size allowed, the race might or might not be able to guarantee resident/taxpayer entry to the in-person race.

Last year, the first 5,000 entrants in the 2020 at-home edition were given guaranteed status for 2021. Because there is no certainty of an in-person race, those 5,000 have been given the option to defer their guaranteed status to the 50th running instead of this year. The organization will honor the choice they made, pending town approval of an in-person event in 2021. If there is no in-person race, their entries will automatically be deferred to 2022.

Registration for the SBLI Kids At-Home Challenge will also open May 1. Due to COVID-19 uncertainties, the Kids At-Home Challenge will again be held in lieu of the in-person Family Fun Run.

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