Business Sponsor Of The Month: Nickerson-Bourne Funeral Home has served customers in Bourne and the surrounding areas for over 140 years. As a Dignity Memorial Funeral service, it continues to do so. Check out the services by calling Patricia F. Marsan at 509-759-3511. Information about the funeral home is available on the table in the library vestibule.

What’s New: Thanks to all who attended Tuesday’s program about Eleanor Roosevelt and apologies to any who were not able to get in. Please check the website for the only other registered program this summer—the Painting night has only 11 spaces left as I write. Next week, we take a little break as we don’t expect folks to battle the traffic to get to the library, but, on July 9, do join Gregg Roberts for “Space in the Heart—Sailors Valentines.” This is the second in our adult summer reading program, “A Universe of Stories.” The program is free, and light refreshments will be served. Don’t forget to pick up a Reading Guide—games, prizes and more for adults at the library this summer. Our fun continues on Wednesday, July 10, with the second in our Concerts on the Lawn series. Join “The Harper and The Minstrel” for a performance of Celtic ballads and traditional music at 7 PM. Bring a blanket or chair, some insect spray to ward off our giant mosquitoes and a donation to the Bourne Friends Food Pantry.

Children’s Corner: There may be mosquitoes next week but they won’t put a damper on any of the children’s activities. Start your week with Miss Lori Dutra in a dance and movement story hour at 10 AM on Tuesday, July 2, in the Children’s Garden She is the first of our “Books Around Bourne” weekly programs. Wednesday, July 3, “It’s Elementary,” with the Companion Animal Program, also in the Children’s Garden. This 1 PM program is geared toward children in grades 1 through 4 and does not require registration. We skip July 4th (unless you attend the Parade in Buzzards Bay) and plan to be back with more crafts and programs the week of July 8 through 13. Check out the registration for the Summer Reading Program and start collecting beads and tags for your Brag Necklace. These were such a hit last year, we’ve brought them back!

Within the Web: Brian is getting into the spirit of the summer with phone and computer classes starting on July 11. Check out the registration at If you have difficulty with a computer, call us and we’ll sign you up.

Stats To Go: While clearing out the older titles in the large print, I came across one that I had to put back on the shelf. Although I thought it was a tad old (c 1986), when I looked at the record, the book “Someone to Watch over Me” by Judith McNaught, had gone out 110 times with 10 renewals and as recently as this month. We tend to keep titles that are as popular as this one.

Book Club Browsings: The Knitters will definitely be meeting next week on Tuesday, July 2, at 5:30. We don’t want to miss discussing Jamie Ford’s “Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet.” Non-knitters are welcome also.

Friends of the Library: There was only “sweet” at the Friends’ meeting on Monday, when Chris Crane and Tina Prodouz co-chairs of the book sale, announced that the Friends had made more than $2,700 in last week’s sale and $550 in memberships. Cheers all around to those who helped with the sale. We particularly would like to thank David Neal, community relations coordinator, who arranged for “pre-release inmates to help move all the books and furniture for the sale.” This is a terrific service which we take advantage of every year. And, of course, hats off to all those who purchased, worked, or in any way helped the Friends make that amount, so that programs can continue at the library.

Off the Shelves: I’ve been so busy with moving books and rearranging shelving with JBPL Director Patrick Marshall that I have not had a lot if time with new titles. Now that our furniture is settled (do come in to see what we’ve done with the place!), I’ll be getting to Charles Finch’s “The Vanishing Man,” the latest in the Charles Lennox mystery series set in London in the mid-1800s. As this is the prequel to the entire series, I thought I might start with it, then read the other 11 when I retire. Between that title and listening to the new “Rocketman” CD, I’ll be busy this weekend.

I do encourage you to check out the latest online books, which we have added, including Overdrive’s Big Library Read, “A Dangerous Act of Kindness” by L.P. Ferguson. The BLR is an attempt to showcase new titles that folks may not have seen on their e-book list. To do this, Overdrive allows multiple copies of the title to be used. This haunting story of a German pilot who is sheltered by a woman from Wales is based on the author’s own research into a true story. Try it on e-book, ask us about the print copy, or just find something else, but ~Keep Reading.

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