The following are excerpts from the Bourne Police Department logs, dated Friday, July 16, through Monday, July 19.

Friday, July 16

Police responded to a two-car crash at the intersection of Meetinghouse Lane and Old Plymouth Road in Sagamore at 11:16 AM. The driver of a blue 2010 Subaru Forester was on Old Plymouth Road and went through a stop sign. The Forester collided with a white 2010 Volkswagen Jetta on Meetinghouse Lane headed toward Scusset Beach. Several people in both vehicles were taken to different area hospitals. The driver of the Forester will be charged with failure to stop and negligent operation of a motor vehicle. Police said the driver was a 32-year old woman from Sandwich but did not give her name because she has not been arraigned yet.

* * *

At 2:29 PM, an arrest was made on Wings Neck Road. Officers were dispatched to the area when a woman called to report that the operator of a green 1999 Ford F-250 pickup truck had driven past her, driving erratically and shouting incoherent things at her and her son. The truck was located and the driver, identified as Robert A. Marland, 30, from Bourne, showed obvious signs of intoxication, police said. Mr. Marland failed to pass field sobriety tests and was arrested. He was charged with operating under the influence of liquor and was later released on personal recognizance.

Saturday, July 17

An arrest was made at 1:21 AM on Main Street in Buzzards Bay. An officer on patrol saw a gray 2011 Ford F-150 pickup truck go around the East Rotary and attempt to merge onto Main Street. The driver made a wide right turn, went up over a median island and onto the sidewalk in front of the Shell gas station. The officer followed and saw the driver swerve across the road. The truck was stopped, and the driver identified as Tyler M. Botelho, 26, from Falmouth. Mr. Botelho showed obvious signs of impairment and, when asked if he had consumed any alcohol, admitted to the officer “probably had more than I should have,” police said. Numerous nip bottles and beer bottles, both open and unopened, were found inside Mr. Botelho’s truck. He failed to pass a field sobriety test and was arrested. He was charged with operating a motor vehicle under the influence of liquor, marked lanes violation, negligent operation of a motor vehicle and possession of an open container of alcohol in a motor vehicle. He was later released on personal recognizance.

* * *

Police made an arrest at 7:24 AM on Holt Road in Buzzards Bay. An officer on patrol saw Brian R. Haskell, 30, homeless, and knew there were active warrants for Mr. Haskell’s arrest. There were two warrants out of Falmouth District Court, both charging him with destruction of property. He was arrested, held without bail and taken to Falmouth District Court on Monday, July 19.

Sunday, July 18

At 10:29 AM, police were called to a two-car crash at the Bourne Bridge Rotary. The driver of a black 2018 Jeep Wrangler was exiting the Cumberland Farms gas station/convenience store to enter the rotary. The driver of the Jeep, identified as Lindsey Mahoney, 22, from Medfield, collided with the driver of a black 2013 Nissan Altima that was in the rotary and heading south on MacArthur Boulevard. No one was hurt in the crash. Ms. Mahoney was issued a citation for failure to yield to oncoming traffic.

* * *

Police made an arrest on Scenic Highway at 5:24 PM. An officer on patrol spotted a black 2015 GMC Sierra near the Herring Run Rest Area on Scenic Highway. The officer recognized the driver and was aware of an active warrant out for the driver’s girlfriend, Kelly A. Byrnes, 48, from Bourne. The warrant was out of Quincy District Court and charged Ms. Byrnes with operating a motor vehicle under the influence of drugs. Ms. Byrnes was in the vehicle and was arrested at the scene. Bail was set at $100, plus the $40 administrative fee. She was released later that night.

* * *

An arrest was made at the Bourne Bridge Rotary at 9:58 PM. An officer was conducting surveillance of the parking lot at the Eastern Inn. The officer saw a blue 2014 Nissan Sentra enter the lot, but the driver stayed inside the car. A truck arrived and the driver went inside the Sentra. After leaving the Sentra, the truck drove off, and the Sentra left soon after. The driver of the Sentra, identified as Thomas A. Bonilla, 41, from Mashpee, failed to stop for a stop sign when entering the East Rotary. He went over the Bourne Bridge, and the officer stopped him at the rotary.

Mr. Bonilla was argumentative, and he exhibited signs of narcotics use, including track marks with blood on one arm. Items consistent with drug use and drug distribution were found inside his vehicle, including a weigh scale and a pill bottle that field tests proved to contain fentanyl. Mr. Bonilla was arrested and charged with operating a motor vehicle under the influence of drugs, conspiracy to violate drug laws, trafficking in more than 10 grams of fentanyl, possession to distribute a Class A drug and failure to stop/yield. Police determined that Mr. Bonilla had two open cases of drug conspiracy out of Falmouth District Court. He was held and taken to Falmouth District Court for arraignment the following morning.

Monday, July 19

At 1:51 AM, police made an arrest on the Route 6 & 28 Bypass Road in Buzzards Bay. An officer, heading in the direction of Wareham, was behind a white 2010 Ford Escape. The Ford was being driven very slowly, at a rate of 25 in a 50-miles-per-hour zone. The vehicle was stopped and the driver identified as David M. Long, 44, from Wareham. The officer found a short straw with a powdery residue on Mr. Long’s lap. When asked what the straw was for, Mr. Long said a water bottle, but the length of the straw was too short. Mr. Long was sweating, spoke with a thick tongue and had dilated pupils, all consistent with narcotics use, police said. He admitted to crushing some pills and snorting the powder with the straw. He failed to pass roadside assessments and was arrested. He was charged with operating a motor vehicle under the influence of drugs, possession of a Class B drug, negligent operation of a motor vehicle and marked lanes violation. He was held without bail and taken to Falmouth District Court for arraignment later that morning.

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