The following are excerpts from the Bourne Police Logs dated Wednesday, March 18 through Tuesday, March 24.

Wednesday, March 18

At 10:16 AM, police responded to a call from a resident on Surrey Lane in Monument Beach. The resident was upset because a neighbor was yelling at them, police said. The person who was yelling, police said, was angry because the caller had reported to the town that the neighbor was holding a yard sale without a permit. The officer reported that the parties were separated and no threats were made, police said.

* * *

Police received a phone call from a resident of Sandwich Road at 11:11 AM about a suspected coronoavirus scam. The resident said someone called and claimed to be selling virus testing kits for $100. The resident did not give the caller any information, believing it to be a scam, and wanted the police department to be made aware, police said.

* * *

A Thom Avenue resident called police at 6:41 PM to report their identity being stolen. The caller said that information may have been used to set up a PayPal account. There had been no financial loss by the time of the call, police said, and the resident was advised to monitor all accounts and credit reports.

Thursday, March 19

At 7:17 AM, police responded to a call from a resident on Washington Avenue that his car had been broken into and construction tools stolen. The resident said that four tools, worth $800, were stolen from his blue 2004 Honda Civic. Police said there was no sign of forced entry, and the victim admitted he could not remember whether he locked the car overnight. The theft is under investigation, police said.

Friday, March 20

Police received a call at 7:27 PM from a resident on Sandwich Road regarding some suspicious activity at her home. The woman said a man came to her front door and claimed to be from a company called Child Safe, police said. The visitor said he was there to check on a package that the woman had ordered from the company. The woman told the man that she did not order anything from the company, and the man left quickly in a silver van, police said. Before leaving, the man left the woman a company phone number. However, when the woman called the number, it was not in service, police said. Police said the woman wanted the police department to be aware of the incident.

Saturday, March 21

Police were called to Trowbridge Road at 4:24 AM on reports of someone in the street who was singing. The caller said the singing was causing their dog to bark while everyone was trying to sleep. Officers arrived on the scene to check on the singer, but found no one, police said.

* * *

A pedestrian incident happened at 2:59 PM on Meetinghouse Lane in Sagamore Beach. Police said that someone walked in to the caller’s car, making light contact. The caller said the pedestrian did not fall down and was not injured. The caller also knew the pedestrian, and phoned the police department to have the incident noted in case the other person reported it, police said. An attempt by police to contact the pedestrian was unsuccessful, police said.

Monday, March 23

At 11:02 AM, police were called to the Santander bank on Barlows Landing Road on reports of a customer refusing to leave the drive-thru lane. The customer claimed to have been overcharged on a previous transaction, police said, and refused to leave until receiving a refund. Police said the customer was ordered to leave and to contact the bank’s corporate office.

Tuesday, March 24

At 12:10 PM, police went to the Market Basket on Factory Outlet Way in response to a call about a shopper’s wallet being stolen. A woman claimed her wallet was taken from her shopping cart, and she was worried that she would be unable to drive home. Upon the officers’ arrival, the woman’s wallet had been located by a store employee and returned to her. All items inside the wallet were accounted for, police said.

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