The following Bourne students achieved honor roll status at Upper Cape Cod Regional Technical School for the fourth quarter:

Grade 12

High honors: Faith Ball-Roemer, Phoebe Cardoso, Kyle DiBona, Shannon Doyle, Derek Duggan, Aurora Emerson, Cassandra Fleck, Jo-Anne Goodman, William Hanly, Joe Janicki, Amanda Kaipainen, Charlee King, Nidhi Kumar, Cameron Quinn, Taylor Richards, Jasmine Simons, Mckenzie Sooy, Danielle Woodard.

Grade 11

High honors: Sophia Almeida, Jayme Babcock, Benicio Bautista, Khaleb DeLeon, Dasean DeMoranville, Daniel Emerson, Benjamin George, Ezra Jones, Brian Roche, Aidan Scott, Sarah Taylor.

Honors: Darryl DeGrace, Noah Hume-Hennessey, Matthew Mobilia, Hayley Sanders, Sarah Taylor.

Grade 10

High honors: Molly Baptist, Jocelyn Bonilla, Nicholas Denver, Heather DiCarlo, Paul Duggan, Cassidy Honen, Faith Kalkanis, Meghan Keefe, Tucker Lopes, Kaitlyn MacDonald, Danielle Medeiros, Christian Mell, Gwendolyn Reader, Jamie Wing, Matthew Wright, Clare Wurlitzer.

Honors: Sean Ball-Roemer, Paige Bourgault, Zachary Martin, Brady Oaks, Emily Taylor.

Grade 9

High honors: Karissa Andrade, Miranda Buckley, Payton Buckley, Michael Czyryca, Brianna Fahey, Paige Frizzell, William Gay, Abigail Goodwin, Madison Jones, Ava Kelly, Dominic Pelonzi, Abigail Stacy, Lillian Vance.

Honors: Matthew Barlow, Maya Gustafson, Jesse Marks, Keith Ricci, Rylan Tellier.

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