The Town of Bourne has been notified that the state attorney general’s office has approved a warrant article that created a new bylaw that establishes a Community Engagements Committee.

Article 22 calls for amending the town’s bylaws to create the new committee. The article passed at Annual Town Meeting back in May by a vote of 57 to 37.

As stipulated in the article, the committee will be responsible for sponsoring and encouraging “community events, projects, activities, services, programs, and public improvements which are of mutual interest to the visitors and residents of the Town of Bourne.”

The article also approved $50,000 from the town’s free cash account as seed money for the new committee.

The attorney general’s office has extended its review of two other articles passed by residents at May’s Annual Town Meeting. Those measures are Article 18 and Article 20.

Article 18 was designed to facilitate redevelopment of the Scenic View Motel at 871 Scenic Highway. The article changed the zoning for the property from Scenic Development District (SDD) to Village Business (VB).

The change in designation is expected to expedite motel owner Dennis M. Waitekunas’s plans to tear down the existing building.

The attorney general is also taking extra time to review Article 20 on the Annual Town Meeting warrant. Article 20 called for deleting the town’s Hawkers and Peddlers bylaw in its entirety and substituting in its place a new bylaw.

Bourne Police Lieutenant Brandon M. Esip drafted the article. Lt. Esip stated its purpose as a way “to regulate hawkers, peddlers, and door-to-door sales activities so that residents can verify the identity of those that are legitimately conducting business.”

As drafted, the bylaw also provides residents who do not want to be interrupted by those types of salespeople “a mechanism to avoid such encounters.”

The attorney general has chosen to taken an additional 30 days to review both articles. A decision on each is now due on or before September 7.

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