A explosive device was uncovered by a homeowner in Pocasset Friday.

The sound of an explosion shook a Pocasset neighborhood when a bomb was unearthed and later detonated.

Bourne Assistant Fire Chief David S. Pelonzi said around 8:30 AM last Friday, November 5, firefighters responded to a call from a homeowner on Bellavista Drive. The caller had uncovered an explosive device in his yard.

“It was like a mortar round,” Asst. Chief Pelonzi said, adding that he heard someone describe the device as being “1970s, Vietnam era.”

Firefighters secured the area and called the State Police Fire & Explosive Investigation Unit assigned to the State Fire Marshal’s Office for assistance. Representatives from the investigation unit responded, took possession of the device and detonated it at the Bourne landfill. Fire officials said there was never any risk to the public.

Asst. Chief Pelonzi said finding such a device at a residence is unusual. He said a similar device was recently found when the National Cemetery at Joint Base Cape Cod was expanded. That was understandable, he said, because of its proximity to the base.

“You hear other reports around the state,” he said. “Someone has passed away, and a grenade is found in their house. It is unusual here in Bourne.”

He said a private business contacted the fire department several weeks ago about disposing of some explosives. The business was permitted for the devices but wanted to get rid of them. The state police bomb squad was called in, and a similar detonation took place at the landfill, he said.

“It was ironic that just a few weeks later we had to call them about this incident,” he said, “but it was good that we had that connection with people at ISWM.”

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