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The Bourne Capital Outlay Committee has approved its recommended $2,866,510 capital spending budget for Fiscal Year 2022 to be part of the town’s total FY22 general fund operating budget.

The committee’s approval was made during its remote meeting on Monday, January 4. Committee chairwoman Mary Jane Mastrangelo noted that the budget breakdown shows $1,664,010 will be paid for with free cash, $200,000 from the town’s waterways fund and $1,002,500 from Integrated Solid Waste Management retained earnings.

The departments submitting and receiving approval for capital expenses include:

The ISWM facility’s $1,002,500 appropriation would cover replacement of several pieces of equipment at the landfill. ISWM general manager Daniel T. Barrett told the committee he is looking to replace a 5-year-old bulldozer and to purchase a new 25-ton hydraulic excavator and one-ton containers.

The $1,002,500 would come out of ISWM retained earnings, at no cost to residents. However, residents still need to vote at Town Meeting to approve the use of retained earnings.

The department of public works requested $608,450 for the purchase of two new vehicles and a new air compressor. Interim DPW director Matthew Quinn told the committee the department wants to replace an 11-year-old front-end loader and a multipurpose packer that is used primarily for recycling.

Mr. Quinn also said the air compressor works fine and gets limited use, so replacing it could be put off.

The school department requested $416,000 in capital funding to pay for technology upgrades at Bourne Middle School and new minibuses for the school district. Ms. Mastrangelo previously noted that the minibuses had been deferred twice, and there was a definite need for them.

The fire department has asked for $302,000 in capital funding. A portion of the appropriation would pay for two new vehicles, both Ford F-150 pickup trucks. Acting Fire Chief David S. Cody told the committee that the new trucks would replace a 2013 Chevrolet Tahoe and a 2011 Ford pickup truck.

Chief Cody told the committee that the department planned to request $200,000 in capital funding in FY23 to purchase a second set of personal protective equipment for firefighters as well as a laundry dryer sturdy enough for the new equipment. The committee chose to move that request to the FY22 capital budget.

The police department submitted its annual request to purchase four new police cruisers. Police Chief Dennis R. Woodside said the cost for the new vehicles comes to $210,560. The chief also requested funding for new Tasers for the department.

The police department recently received a $38,200 state grant to apply to the cost of the Tasers. The committee settled on a $100,000 appropriation for the new equipment. The total police department capital request comes to $310,560.

The Bourne Shore and Harbor Committee submitted its annual request for $200,000. Department of Natural Resources Director Christopher M. Southwood told the committee that the annual funding is used for a variety of purposes, but primarily to pay the cost of dredging the town’s waterways.

Little Bay is currently being dredged at an estimated cost of $425,000. Mr. Southwood has noted that the Pocasset River is another waterway of concern to the shore and harbor committee.

Recreation Director Krissanne M. Caron requested $27,000 for the purchase of a new van dedicated to her department. Ms. Caron told the committee she submitted a request last December for capital funds to purchase a department vehicle, but her request was deferred with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The capital budget was included in the FY22 town operational budget that Town Administrator Anthony E. Schiavi presented to the board of selectmen on Tuesday. The budget will be presented for resident approval at Annual Town Meeting later this spring.

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