Bourne Community TV announced that the organization has encountered problems with their live broadcasts of meetings over the internet at the Bourne Veterans Memorial Community Center.

BCTV Director of Operations Jennifer McGrail said the issues led the company to initially decide to discontinue internet streaming “and broadcast directly bypassing the Internet to provide the highest quality.”

The board of selectmen were informed of that decision on Monday, October 7, Ms. McGrail said.

It was the selectmen, she said, who requested a year ago that BCTV add live streaming capabilities. The company upgraded its equipment in order to provide that service, and has since simulcast community center meetings over the internet and on Comcast channel 15.

After getting negative feedback from the selectmen about the decision to discontinue the streaming, Ms. McGrail said, BCTV has reconsidered and decided to continue its live stream from the community center.

“The selectmen’s concern of discontinuing this service,” she said, “leads us to adding the live stream back on for those who need the immediacy of government meetings from the community center via the Internet.”

Ms. McGrail said that BCTV has tested splitting the company’s signal in order to broadcast simultaneously on channel 15 and over the internet. The streaming signal, she said, “has intermittent audio and video problems.” BCTV, she said, will be looking into solutions to the problems.

“Our primary focus is to the give the community a quality product,” she said.

BCTV, she said, will continue to record meetings from the community center and replay them the next day on Comcast channel 15. Recorded meetings will also be available at the BCTV website, she said.

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