The Bourne High School graduation ceremony has been rescheduled from Saturday, June 6, to Saturday, August 1.

The Bourne School Committee unanimously approved the date change during its meeting Wednesday, May 6.

While the ceremony has been postponed, any student who has met the graduation requirements by the original graduation date will still be considered to be high school graduates. This means that high school transcripts and diplomas will be available to any graduate who needs those documents for their post-high school plans such as work and college.

Principal Amy Cetner reached out to the Class of 2020 to get a sense of how they wanted their graduation to look. About half of the class responded, and the majority said they would prefer to postpone the ceremony with the hope to have graduation on the school’s Jackson Field, she said.

The students understood that postponing the ceremony could still mean it will not happen if social distancing guidelines remain unchanged, but they still had the hope that something could change, the principal said.

“Who are we to stand in the way of hope?” she said. “That’s what we’re really struggling with.”

Ms. Cetner praised the character of the senior class and said that, even though they know that holding a ceremony in August is still a long shot, it is a shot that those students are willing to take.

“It’s a reflection of who our graduates are. They’re going to do great things in life if this is how they’re handling this whole situation,” she said.

Superintendent Kerri Anne Quinlan-Zhou said that August 1 is the latest date they feel comfortable pushing the ceremony to, as it provides the biggest opportunity for the most graduates to attend. Ms. Cetner said that if the ceremony is able to happen, it will likely be held for graduates and their immediate family members and that it will be streamed live for everyone else to watch.

Ms. Cetner said that, regardless of when the event is held, she is committed to making graduation special for each and every graduate, even if it means hopping on a bus to travel to personally hand a graduate his or her diploma.

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