The Town of Bourne could be the new owner of Bucky Barlow’s Boat Yard in Pocasset.

Notice of the town’s interest in the property was announced by acting town administrator Glenn D. Cannon at the October 1 meeting of the board of selectmen’s meeting. The selectmen voted in executive session that night to authorize an appraisal of the property for a possible purchase.

The board also authorized having a Phase One 21E environmental assessment done, Mr. Cannon said. Massachusetts General Law Chapter 21E regulates and promotes cleanup of oil and hazardous materials in soil and groundwater.

Environmental site assessments are often done with the objective of identifying potential adverse environmental conditions at a particular property.

The board’s authorization vote was unanimous, he said.

Selectman Peter J. Meier said that ownership of the property would provide more boats slips for boat owners, aiding the town in its efforts at economic development.

The Bourne Department of Natural Resources would also get garage space for some of the department’s boats, Mr. Meier said. Ownership would also give the town additional space to house DNR offices, and make life more efficient and convenient for residents south of the canal, Mr. Meier said.

“Someone can be there to sell beach stickers and shellfish permits,” he said.

Mr. Meier added that the town is planning to dredge the Pocasset River, which has been cited as impaired, along with the majority of the town’s waterways. Purchase of the boatyard, which is located directly opposite the Pocasset River Marina, would give the town “more of a presence” with regard to cleanup of the river, he said.

Bourne Department of Assessing records show that the boatyard is owned by The Barlow Nominee Trust. The boatyard, with its moorings and slips, is assessed for $1,440,300.

“This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to acquire this property,” Mr. Meier said. “We should definitely look into it, provided the numbers work and contingent on the 21E evaluation.”

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