Bourne Bridge Properties

Properties at the foot of the Bourne Bridge

News of the $350 million in President Joseph R. Biden’s proposed budget specifically designated for the canal bridges replacement project has been greeted by local officials with a mix of appreciation and apprehension.

While there is appreciation for the current administration’s recognition of the need to provide a sizable portion of the project’s estimated $4 billion price tag, it is accompanied by apprehension over what the project means to residents of Bourne in terms of day-to-day disruption, and loss of both personal and commercial property.

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The canal being less than 40 feet deep and less than 600 feet across it is kind of strange that no one has mentioned putting in two tunnels. Its 2023 and they tunnelled from England to France. A tunnel would be less disruptive and less private property would have to be taken via emminent domain?

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