Bait And Tackle Buzzards Bay

Plans are in place to turn this former bait and tackle property just off Belmont Circle in Buzzards Bay into a gas station and convenience store.

Plans to build a gas station, convenience store and six apartments on a Scenic Highway parcel goes before the Bourne Planning Board Thursday, February 27.

Board members are expected to vote on the project that will replace the former Bait and Tackle Shop at 340 Main Street, just past the East Rotary in Buzzards Bay.

The project, as proposed by consulting engineer Halim A. Choubah of Dartmouth, would feature five gasoline islands with 10 pumps. The project also includes a 2,000-square-foot building that would house a convenience store and retail space, and a 2,000-square-foot fast food/delicatessen store with outdoor seating.

The development initially came before the planning board December 12. At that meeting, several concerns and suggestions were expressed by board members and residents.

Members questioned whether the original plans provided enough parking, and suggested adding a residential component. The owner of the neighboring property at 328 Main Street, Michael Maxim, also had said he was worried about stormwater runoff leaking onto his property.

At the planning board meeting on February 13, Mr. Choubah said that plans now are to add six 2-bedroom apartments on the second floor. He said the parking lot had been increased from 33 to 65 spaces.

He also assured members that the facility’s stormwater system will prevent any runoff to Mr. Maxim’s property.

Mr. Choubah said that drivers entering and leaving the property will do so in the same direction, right turn in and right turn out. Anyone exiting and needing to go in the direction of downtown Buzzards Bay or Wareham, he said, will have to turn around at the traffic lights at Nightingale Pond Road.

Member Sandra E. Goldstein questioned the need for another gas station in Bourne. Ms. Goldstein said the town has a lot of gas stations on the major roads and rotaries, including Main Street and MacArthur Boulevard.

“We have enough of them in my opinion,” she said.

Board chairman Steven P. Strojny said it was debatable whether the town needs another gas station. However, he said, “there is no debate on the need for apartments and housing.”

Mr. Strojny, who works in Falmouth, said he is familiar with Mr. Choubah’s developments there. The facility being proposed, Mr. Strojny said, “is going to be an asset to the community.”

“The six apartments to me is outstanding,” he said, “and I think that every apartment, every house that we can add helps the community substantially.”

Board member Elmer I. Clegg said he had just received the plan revisions that afternoon, only a couple of hours before the start of the meeting. Mr. Clegg said that he was not comfortable with voting on whether or not to approve the project as amended without having more time to review the new plans.

Mr. Strojny said that he took responsibility for the materials going out late to board members, which he said it was not the fault of either the planning department or Mr. Choubah. He also agreed with Mr. Clegg that the board did not have ample time to “dig into the finer details” of the revisions.

“I think it would be unfair to ask the board to vote on this tonight,” he said at the February 13 meeting.

A motion was made and approved to continue the matter to the board’s next meeting on Thursday, February 27.

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I seriously encourage the public to attend this "public hearing" on Thursday , Feb. 27,2019.....Zoning issues need public scrutiny....don't wait for Town Meeting...

Sandra Goldstein, Bourne planning Board member

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