Two alternate members of the Bourne Planning Board have been named associate members of the board. William W. Meier and Shaun D. Handy have been unanimously appointed to the positions.

The appointments were approved during a joint session of the Bourne Planning Board and the Bourne Board of Selectmen on Tuesday, September 21. Mr. Handy was appointed to a three-year term ending in 2024, and Mr. Meier was appointed to a two-year term ending in 2023.

“Mr. Handy is to be recommended for a three-year term because he’s been there longer,” Peter J. Meier, chairman of the board of selectmen, explained.

Mr. Meier also noted that William W. Meier is his father. For that reason, the younger Mr. Meier opted to abstain when it came time to vote on his father’s appointment.

Before voting on the appointments, planning board member Sandra E. Goldstein asked if any advertisement had gone out to let other potential candidates know of open positions for which they could have applied.

“In my personal opinion,” Ms. Goldstein said, “it might be good to let people know so you get more people involved.”

The younger Mr. Meier and planning board member Christopher J. Farrell both explained that past procedure has been to offer the appointments to people who have already served on the board. The alternates are given the right of first refusal, and if they exercise that right, “that’s when you go out and ask for someone else,” Mr. Meier said.

Both men’s names were put into nomination to serve as associate members, and both men were unanimously approved by both groups, with Mr. Meier opting not to cast a vote for his father.

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