The Bourne Planning Board has issued site plan review and special permit approval for construction of a new storage facility in Pocasset.

Approval was given for the project during the board’s meeting last Thursday, May 13. The building will be located at 4 and 6 Forest Park Drive. It will be owned and operated by JPF Development LLC, headquartered in Needham.

Brian Wallace with JC Engineering in Wareham explained that the plan is to construct a five-bay, 9,375-square-foot warehouse/storage facility. Mr. Wallace said the building location would be off “a relatively new commercial subdivision road off MacArthur Boulevard.” The site, he said, is currently vacant and wooded.

In addition to the building, Mr. Wallace said, the project involves installation of parking spaces, loading zones, drainage facilities including subsurface and bioretention areas, as well as utilities and an onsite septic system.

Mr. Wallace said he was requesting special permit approval for the development, which will consist of more than 1,600 square feet of floor area. He said he provided the planning department with documentation showing that “the project meets the standards for that approval.”

Also, the facility would be located in a water resource area, Mr. Wallace noted. He said he was requesting special permit approval for the impervious area of the development exceeding 40 percent and removal of more than 70 percent of ground cover.

Board member Daniel L. Doucette, who was the reviewer of the project, explained that the majority of construction will take place at 4 Forest Park Drive, with some residual work done on the neighboring lot at 6 Forest Park Drive.

Mr. Doucette said any approval that night would be for both lots, even though the majority of the work is being done at 4 Forest Park Drive.

“If we grant any kind of approval,” he said, “the approval looks back at tonight’s meeting for any kind of expansion onto the other piece of property because it’s in joint ownership.”

Planning board member Elmer I. Clegg said the diagrams indicated nothing more than a turnaround driveway being constructed on 6 Forest Park Drive. Mr. Clegg asked what conditions would be put in place with regard to further development of 6 Forest Park Drive.

Mr. Doucette said any approval that night would encompass both lots, so any further development of 6 would have to take into consideration what has been done on 4, he said. Mr. Clegg asked if that meant the applicant had to come back before the planning board if they choose to develop 6 further.

Mr. Doucette said he had worked language into the approval that requires the applicant to return to the planning board. Board chairman Steven P. Strojny said the language was not necessary, that the applicant would have to come before the board with any future development on either lot, but he liked that it was stipulated in the language in the approval.

“Just so when that decision goes through, goes on record, then everyone knows, third parties and otherwise, that it’s covering both lots and any material changes have to come back to the planning board,” Mr. Strojny said.

On a roll call vote, the board gave unanimous approval to the applicant’s request for site plan review and a special permit.

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