Boaters still in need of a slip to dock their boat for the coming season will have to look somewhere other than Bourne’s town marinas.

All three marinas, which together hold a total of 226 slips, are sold out for the season, according to Bourne marinas manager Lane A. Gaulin.

“We were fully rented before the season began,” Mr. Gaulin said.

The Department of Natural Resources manages the Taylor Point Marina in Buzzards Bay, the Monument Beach Marina, located in Phinney’s Harbor, and the Pocasset River Marina on Shore Road.

The Taylor Point Marina has 148 slips, a gas dock with gasoline and diesel fuel, and a sanitary pumpout station. It also provides private bathrooms and showers, a marine store and a public boat ramp with parking.

The Monument Beach Marina, off Shore Road, includes a dock with 61 slips, a gasoline pump, 35 moorings, private bathrooms and showers, and public bathrooms. Adjacent to the marina are a public beach, a permitted parking area and public boat ramp.

The Pocasset River Marina, also off Shore Road, consists of a dock with 17 slips located directly adjacent to a parking area.

The rental cost of the slips varies depending on the size of the boat, as well as the marina and the services provided, Mr. Gaulin said. Costs vary from $133 per foot for boats with a minimum length of 30 feet at Taylor Point Marina to $92 per foot for boats at Pocasset River Marina.

Taylor Point Marina offers considerably more in the way of services than Pocasset River Marina, which factors into the cost, Mr. Gaulin said. For instance, renters at Taylor Point have access to electricity and water. There is minimal staff and no available electricity at Pocasset River Marina, he said.

“They have a porta potty,” he said.

While all 226 slips available at the town’s three marinas are fully rented, the town does maintain wait lists for people in need of a place to dock their boat. Each marina has a separate wait list, and currently there are almost as many people on the wait lists as there are slips.

A total of 219 people appear on the wait lists, which shows the person’s name, boat size and application date. One applicant, Caitlin E. Polillio of Stoughton and North Falmouth, has been waiting for a slip at the Pocasset River Marina since May 2012.

Mr. Gaulin recalled that one person was on the wait list for 14 years before a slip became available at Pocasset River Marina. Mr. Gaulin called the man to inform him of the good news, only to have him turn down the offer.

After waiting for 14 years, the man decided the Pocasset River Marina was too far from his home. The man said that Kingman Yacht Center might be better for him.

“It’s not like the marina changed its location in the 14 years he’d been applying,” Mr. Gaulin said.

In addition to the slips at the marinas, the town also offers 36 moorings at a rental cost of $1,000 for the season. All 36 town moorings are located at Monument Beach, Mr. Gaulin said.

The boating season in Bourne runs from May 1 to October 31, Mr. Gaulin said. Some slipholders do request to come in earlier and/or stay later, he said. In that case, they pay an extended season rate.

Extended season is only allowed at Taylor Point Marina, he said, because it is the only marina where the docks remain in the water year-round. Some renters do move over from other marinas, he said. All boats have to be out of the water by December 1, he said, because that is when the marina starts to freeze over.

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