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Bourne High School junior Viveca Stucke will be the first student member of the Bourne School Committee.

Viveca is the spokesperson of the student advisory committee, of which students Emily Sullivan, Kai Chen, Sophia Amaral and Sophia Sederman are also members.

The school board is still working to finalize the policy that will position Viveca as a member who will have a nonbinding vote when it comes to matters involving the schools. She will not be able to vote on personnel matters, and while her vote will be entered into the minutes, it will not be able to sway the board’s decisions.

This is because Massachusetts General Laws do not allow the vote to be binding because the student representative is not a member who has been assigned to the post through an election.

While the three students who got this process rolling are not members of the advisory committee, they have also been recognized for their work by the Constitutional Rights Foundation National Civic Youth Board.

Michael Carrara, Eric Ierardi and Jeffrey Ellis presented the idea of having a voting student member of the school board as their civic action project last year as sophomores. All three students were invited to apply to the board last month.

History teacher Ann-Marie Strode said that all three applied and were accepted.

“This honor is a credit to the boys’ hard work, determination and willingness to take academic risks,” she said. This is an incredible opportunity for these young men, and as their teacher, I am very proud of them.”

She added that all of the students who participated in the project through the honors US History classes had put hard work into their projects. Some of the projects were hindered by the pandemic, and she said they all deserve to be recognized for what they accomplished nonetheless.

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