Kari MacRae TikTok

Bourne School Committee member Kari MacRae

The Bourne teachers union will call for the resignation of Bourne School Committee member Kari MacRae at a committee meeting this Wednesday, September 22, after a TikTok video surfaced of Ms. MacRae making controversial comments in May about gender identity and racism education.

The video, posted on the social media platform TikTok on May 18, shows Ms. MacRae filming herself going to a voting booth to cast a vote for herself for school committee. She said in the video she ran for the position to ensure that the district did not teach critical race theory and so that children will not be taught that they can choose their own gender.

"The reason why I ran for school board and the reason why I'm taking on this responsibility is to ensure that students, at least in our town, are not being taught critical race theory; that they're not being taught that the country was built on racism; so they're not being taught that they can choose whether or not they can be a girl or a boy," Ms. MacRae said in the video. "It's one thing to include, and it's one thing to be inclusive, and it's one thing to educate everyone on everything. It is completely another thing to push your agenda, and with me on school board that won't happen in our town."

Bourne Educators Association president Ann Marie Strode said in an interview with the Enterprise, “We cannot support this kind of language. Our responsibility is to all our students, and we all share the same belief that we are here to support all students. We hold ourselves to that responsibility, and we hold our school committee members to that responsibility.”

Ms. MacRae ran unopposed for her position and was elected to the school committee in May. She has served on the curriculum subcommittee and is a technology committee liaison.

A graduate of Bourne High School found the school committee member’s TikTok video and reported it to Superintendent Kerri Anne Quinlan-Zhou and the members of the school committee.

School committee chairwoman Emily Berry announced in a September 1 school committee meeting that an executive session would be held to discuss a complaint made by a member of the community about Ms. MacRae’s social media posts.

“The committee has discussed and reviewed this matter and has determined some of the postings violated the core values of the Bourne Public Schools,” Ms. Berry said.

The executive session will be held this Wednesday. There will be an opportunity for the public to comment before the meeting at 6 PM at the Bourne High School auditorium. Ms. Strode said the teachers union will be present and will be making a statement at that time. She said she expects high turnout from teachers to speak on this matter.

Ms. Berry said during the September 1 meeting that Ms. MacRae apologized to the school committee about her remarks and will make a formal public statement at the next school committee meeting on Wednesday, October 6.

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