In the one competitive race in this year’s annual town election Bourne residents reelected Peter J. Meier and George G. Slade to the Bourne Board of Selectmen.

Mr. Meier topped the tally with 1,126 votes. Mr. Slade received 804 votes.

Challenger Stanley D. Andrews earned 602 votes while his fellow challenger Sandra E. Goldstein rounded out the field with 338 votes.

Voter turnout was low with only 1,571 of the town’s 13,898 registered voters going to the polls.

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What a disgrace to the Town of Bourne that almost 14,000 people didn't care enough to vote for their own town officials when there is such a mess with wasteful spending and rising taxes. The disaster at the Park with a girl who lost her toe and costing Bourne because of incompetence is a small example of how this town is run. Now, it is understood that the selectmen have approved if true, a severance package of 9 months for a town manager who is being supposedly fired. What the heck is going on. His contract runs out in June, just don't hire him back if you feel he is not fit to run the town, instead of wasting taxpayer dollars. Guess the chairman of the selectmen didn't learn a thing by forcing the Buzzards Bay Park open earlier than planned as sources say which resulted in the lifelong scar of a little girl. Understand he wanted to do it again and open it for Memorial Day as sources say. It is getting to the point where you can't believe anyone in office, i.e., the extra money needed for wastewater treatment plant and just about every other project that is put forth to voters only to discover how bad it is planned and funds projected a hoax. isn't it bad enough Mass. Maritime is turning Buzzards Bay into a parking lot and they don't pay a dime of taxes towards the infrastructure of the Town? Its all on the taxpayers. Wake up Bourne and vote and get involved or quit complaining about taxes. Especially seniors who can't afford them. No excuse for not getting an absentee ballot.

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