A woman from Bourne has been arrested on a slew of charges, including strangulation or suffocation. The arrest was made following an altercation between the woman and another couple at the Eastern Inn in Buzzards Bay.

Court records show that Colleen F. Carreiro, 27, from Puritan Road was arrested by Bourne police at 2:34 AM on Wednesday, March 17.

Bourne Police Lieutenant Brandon M. Esip said that officers were called to the Eastern Inn on reports of a disturbance. Upon arrival, the officers found a male and female in the parking lot. The couple said Ms. Carreiro had invited them to her room at the inn to smoke some marijuana, Lt. Esip said. Things eventually got out of hand, the lieutenant said.

“They said that Ms. Carreiro became crazy, throwing things everywhere,” Lt. Esip said. “She reportedly attacked the male, scratching his face.”

At this point, the couple said, Ms. Carreiro grabbed the man by neck, squeezed and attempted to suffocate him, the lieutenant said. The man’s partner tried to call 911, Lt. Esip said, but Ms. Carreiro grabbed the phone away from her, injuring the woman, as well.

The couple told the officers that they were able to escape the room, and Ms. Carreiro, by climbing through a large sliding window that opens into a hallway. Ms. Carreiro, they said, was left behind in the room.

Officers went to the room, where they found the screen to the sliding window on the floor. They also found Ms. Carreiro inside. Asked about the incident, she said that the couple showed up at her room unannounced, looking for a place to stay. She also accused them of trying to offer her narcotics.

Ms. Carreiro told the officers that the couple had entered her room through the sliding window, and reiterated her claim that she never invited them. However, text messages on her phone contradicted her own statement, police said.

The officers took Ms. Carreiro into custody, and while she was being arrested, she kept pulling away from the officer, refusing to comply, Lt. Esip said. The officer was finally able to handcuff her, and transport her to the police station for booking, he said.

In addition to the strangulation or suffocation charge, Ms. Carreiro has also been charged with assault and battery, malicious destruction of property, intimidation of a witness/juror/police/court official, and resisting arrest.

Ms. Carreiro was held without bail until her arraignment in Falmouth District Court later that day. Court records show she was released on $100 bail, and a pretrial hearing in her case has been scheduled for April 30.

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