Bootstrap Farm Club

Susan Sigel Goldsmith, owner of Bootstrap Farm Club in Cataumet, receives a delivery of rutabaga.

Since last May, the Bootstrap Farm Club has resided in a small building, previously a real estate office, at the corner of Route 28A and Scraggy Neck Extension in Cataumet.

On Wednesday, as much of the country was slowly but surely shutting down, Bootstrap Farm Club owner Susan Sigel Goldsmith was on the front porch of her shop holding a gallon of bleach and a broom.

“We are focused on cleaning and getting food in,” Ms. Goldsmith said. “Food safety is our number one concern. I’ve got to keep me safe, my food safe, and I have to stay open.”

Membership in the Bootstrap Farm Club is free, but space is limited and members are asked to commit to shopping there weekly as much as possible.

“We are only serving our membership right now,” Ms. Goldsmith said, but if there are people in need, they can contact us at: People who can’t get online can call 508-292-4080. We don’t want anyone having a food crisis,” she said.

At present, 250 families are members of the food club, which, according to its website,“connects food enthusiasts in Cataumet and surrounding areas with farm-fresh food and home and garden products.”

The club website alerts members that during the coronavirus pandemic, the shop will no longer have open retail hours and will no longer accept cash.

Same-day pick-up of food is offered during regular retail hours on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. Customers are asked to stay in their cars and pop the trunk to receive their order, or to pick up orders from the porch.

“We’re still bringing in food,” Ms. Goldsmith said as one of her “helpers” arrived with a trunk-load of fresh cabbage, rutabaga, and onions.

“If people buy reasonably and don’t go crazy, we’ll be OK,” she said.

Since the virus outbreak, Ms. Goldsmith has instituted a number of protocols.

Three “helpers” will work with Ms. Goldsmith to receive and handle food, sanitize boxes and equipment, receive and pack orders, clean “obsessively,” and deliver orders to cars.

“We have gloves and masks and will maintain a highly sterile environment in the store, and we will work to maintain a distance of six feet from each other and you,” the website states.

Ms. Goldsmith will organize home delivery for those who live in Cataumet, Pocasset or North Falmouth.

“We are trying to maximize the amount of food we bring in. As long as we can manage, we will,” she said.

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