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A Connecticut couple faces charges of stealing from a store in Bourne.

The Bourne Police Department reported that a family from Connecticut faces shoplifting charges for stealing from Cape Cod Crystals on Jonathan Bourne Drive in Pocasset. Police said the store reported a theft of items totaling approximately $450.

Officers were called to the store at 2:11 PM on December 22. Bourne Police Lieutenant Brandon M. Esip said the owner reported a family of four was in the store for about 50 minutes. The owner reported seeing on the store’s surveillance camera the family—a male, a female and two young females—place items in their jacket pockets while moving around the store.

“They paid for some items, about $100 worth,” Lt. Esip said, “but not the ones in their pockets.”

Lt. Esip said a store employee confronted the suspects about the items hidden away, and the male suspect became confrontational.

“He swore at the owner, said, ‘I’m not dealing with this,’ and took off,” the lieutenant said.

The family left in a black minivan, Lt. Esip said, heading north on MacArthur Boulevard. He said police were able to identify the suspects from the van’s license plate number and other information obtained.

Investigators called the suspects, Lt. Esip said, and spoke with the female. She was uncooperative. Police have not spoken with the male suspect yet, Lt. Esip said.

The lieutenant did not release the suspects’ names while the investigation is underway. He identified them as a 55-year-old male and a 39-year-old female, both from Ashford, Connecticut. The ages of the girls involved were not released.

Both adults will be charged with shoplifting greater than $250, Lt. Esip said.

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