Dogs belonging to two Monument Beach women are currently in quarantine following a biting incident in the Bourne Town Forest. The dogs are in isolation until Saturday, November 2.

Bourne police reported that the incident occurred around 1:30 PM last Thursday, October 24. Police said they responded to a call about a woman and her dog being bitten by an unknown dog deep in the woods.

Department of Natural Resources Officer P. Sharon Hamilton confirmed that a pit bull got loose from its owner. The owner was walking two dogs at the time, and was trying to get water for both, Ms. Hamilton said.

“She accidentally let go of the dog’s leash,” Ms. Hamilton said.

The woman’s dog wound up in a scuffle with the other woman’s dog, a collie mix. The two animals wound up biting each other, Ms. Hamilton said. She said that the collie’s owner was bitten on her left hand when she tried to get the pit bull off her dog.

“She received a puncture wound,” Ms. Hamilton said. “It was a tooth mark with some blood, but it wasn’t gory.”

Bourne police said the injured woman was treated at Falmouth Hospital for the bite. Ms. Hamilton declined to mention the names of the women involved, but did say that the two are friends.

Both dogs are current on their rabies vaccinations, Ms. Hamilton said, but they were placed in quarantine for 10 days as a precaution.

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