This fall’s Special Town Meeting has been scheduled for Monday, October 21.

The Bourne Board of Selectmen unanimously approved the date during its meeting on Tuesday, July 9.

Board chairman Judith M. Froman said the date was chosen after taking into consideration the schedules of a number of people central to Town Meeting, including Bourne Town Clerk Barry H. Johnson, new town moderator Donald J. Pickard and Bourne Finance Director Erica M. Fleming.

Ms. Froman added that Mr. Johnson had asked the board to vote on a date as soon as possible to allow for enough lead time to obtain and implement electronic voting devices that were approved by residents at Town Meeting in May.

Town Administrator Thomas M. Guerino added that October 21 would allow for the town to have its new growth number certified.

While last year’s Special Town Meeting was held on October 1, Mr. Guerino said, “it was cumbersome to try to get that new growth number in” before that date.

He also said that a previous suggestion he made to schedule the Special Town Meeting on September 30 was his attempt “to ensure when the new person that the board hires comes on, that that’s not an issue he or she has to deal with.”

Mr. Guerino, the longtime town administrator, is working for the town on a three-month extension of his contract while a search is underway for his replacement. That contract extension ends September 30.

He said that the middle of October would be ideal to hold Special Town Meeting. “From a practical standpoint, the 21st is a good date,” Mr. Guerino said.

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