A faulty sprinkler system at an apartment building on Harmony Hill Road set off an alarm that brought firefighters to the complex. However, no fire or smoke was detected at the scene.

Bourne Acting Assistant Fire Chief David S. Pelonzi said firefighters were dispatched at 4:45 PM to Clay Pond Cove at 101 Harmony Hill Road last Saturday afternoon, November 14. Asst. Chief Pelonzi said when firefighters arrived at the scene, people were evacuating the building.

“Someone must have told one of the firefighters they saw smoke,” the assistant chief said, “but we didn’t find anything.”

Asst. Chief Pelonzi said the complex uses two types of sprinkler systems: one wet, one dry. The problem, he said, occurred with a faulty compressor in the building’s dry sprinkler system.

A dry system uses pressurized air or nitrogen to hold the water supply back at a main dry-pipe valve. When a fire occurs and the sprinkler activates, the air pressure drops and the main dry-pipe valve opens to release the water into the piping system to discharge from the sprinklers.

“We were initially called for sprinkler activation,” Asst. Chief Pelonzi said. “That’s what set off the fire alarm.”

No one was hurt or had to be transported to a hospital, he said.

Firefighters at the scene investigated, going from room to room, he said, but never detected any smoke or fire.

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