Michael Blanton Trial

Michael Blanton (left) talks with his attorney Drew Segadelli during his trial back in December. 

Former Bourne selectman Michael A. Blanton has been released from jail.

Mr. Blanton left the Barnstable County Correctional Facility today.

The former selectman was found guilty of domestic assault charges involving his live-in girlfriend, Shannon Flynn-James. He was arrested in late February 2018, when Ms. Flynn-James accused Mr. Blanton of physically attacking her, and threatening her with a baseball bat.

Following a two-day trial in December 2018, the former selectman was found guilty of assault and battery on a family member, assault with a dangerous weapon, threatening to commit a crime, intimidation of a witness, and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. He was sentenced to two and a half years in a correctional facility and ordered to serve nine months of that sentence.

In January, he pleaded guilty to additional charges stemming from a similar incident that occurred in November 2017. His plea added approximately 30 days more to his sentence.

In addition to serving time at the correctional facility, Mr. Blanton was ordered to register in a batterer’s program and prohibited from having any contact with Ms. Flynn-James in any form, including via social media.

Court records also showed that upon his release, he will be under concurrent probation sentences until December 20, 2021.

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That's it?? 8 months for bouncing someone's head of a hardwood floor, threatening with a baseball bat, and when that person said they needed to go to the hospital he said "f* you." No remorse. She's lucky to be alive and he gets 8 months in county lock up.

Monique S

Although I certainly respect the victims right to privacy, I think the public is much more concerned on how she is doing rather than this excrement of society. But thank you for the warning that he's out on the prowl again.

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